Accessibility Statement

This accessibility statement applies to

 This website is run by ESOL Manchester. We want as many people as possible to use this website. This means that we have taken the following measures:

  • All images have a text alternative so you can access the content using a screen reader
  • All videos have subtitles and a transcript in html
  • All titles and text have been standardised in size so they can be accessed with a screen reader, and the pages can be zoomed without text spilling over to the next line

We know that some parts are not fully accessible, which we intend to work on:

  • There are some pages that are long, which may cause issues for mobile phone scrolling

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If you need to be able to view this website in a different format, such as PDF, you can contact us at



We are always looking to improve the accessibility of our website. If you have any problems or suggestions with how to make it more accessible, you can email

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