Activities in Bury

How do you get to these places by bus?

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Children’s centres

They are great places to go with children between 0-5.  You can meet new mums and get help and support.  Because of Covid, all FREE baby groups are at parks (as of July 2021).  But look at the Bury Early Help Service Facebook page for up-to-date information


Bury and Tottington Team

Telephone: 0161 253 5200


Whitefield and Prestwich Team

Telephone: 0161 253 5077


Radcliffe Team

Telephone: 0161 253 7465/7468


Parks and Walks in Bury

Bury is right next to the countryside, so we are lucky to have lots of beautiful parks and walks in the local area.  Find out more here.

Museums in Bury


Bury is full of history and culture and you can learn more about it at the various museums in the market town.  Find out more here.

Bury Market

Bury is home to the World Famous Bury Market, which has clothes, fresh food and much more!  Open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, there is something for everyone


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