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Abraham Moss Adult Learning Centre

Before you make a referral

1. Please check your customer’s postcode.  Your customer needs to be referred to an ESOL assessment in their local area e.g. Bury, Salford etc.

2. Your customer needs only ONE assessment in order to apply for any of the ESOL courses in Greater Manchester. At the assessment, they will be able to indicate if they have a preference to study in their local area or with a provider outside their local area. The completed assessment can then be forwarded to the local authority area where they wish to study. 

Frequently asked questions

How can I refer my customer to an ESOL class? 

Please fill out the form on our website at . Check the customer’s postcode and make a referral to their local ESOL Advice Service. 

How long will it take for my customer to get an appointment? 

Once we have received the referral form for your customer, they will get a text message with an appointment for an ESOL assessment in 2-3 weeks. However, this could be longer in busier periods.  

What will happen at the assessment?  

Your customer will take a short assessment of their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills They will be given a card with their Unique Reference Number and their level of English.  

What will happen after the assessment?

Initially, your customer will go on the waiting list. When there is a suitable class, they will get a text message with a course offer, for example:  

“ESOL Advice Manchester: Hi Sozan, we have an Entry 1 ESOL class for you at Levenshulme Inspire,747 Stockport Rd, Levenshulme, Manchester M19 3AR. It is every Monday and Tuesday from 12.30pm till 2.45pm. If you want to join this class, reply YES with YOUR NAME. There are limited spaces so respond TODAY! Thanks” 

You customer needs to respond to the message in order to be sent further instructions about their course start date and induction. 

How long is the waiting list? 

We work with a wide number of ESOL providers who offer different ESOL courses. Unfortunately, we are unable to predict when your customer will be contacted for a class, but the wider availability and flexibility of your customer with regard to the time of the course or its location may speed up the waiting time for a class. 

 Who delivers the ESOL courses? 

ESOL Advice Service does not deliver ESOL courses. We work with a network of ESOL providers across Greater Manchester who employ trained ESOL teachers and offer a range of programmes. Please have a look at the local area pages to see which organisations are offering ESOL courses in the area where your customer lives.

What happens if the customer does not attend the assessment appointment? 

Please do not refer them again. The customer can text us back to rearrange or you can email or call us to rearrange the appointment.  

My customer has not heard from you.   

Email or call us to check if we have received the referral form and if the customer has attended their assessment.  

Will I be notified if the customer is offered a course?   

Your customer will receive a text message offering them a course. They will be able to show you the message they have been invited to enrol on a course. Their course provider may issue a learning agreement or student ID they will be able to show you.  

If you would like an update about your customer’s status from ESOL Advice Service e.g. whether they have been offered a place or they are still on the waiting list, please email us.   

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