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Future Learn has a Basic Elementary English course. You can improve your English for everyday life and it is free to register.

Entry 1 Topic Work


Here are some activities from ESOL Nexus:

Daily routine

Family 1

Family 2

Talking about work

My first day at work

Reading job adverts


Speaking and Listening


Watch the videos and do the speaking activities on British Council Learn English Teens:

At the shop

Buying new shoes


You can also try these listening activities from British Council Learn English Teens:

Study tips

Understanding numbers

Spelling names

Giving personal information

Daily routine

Describing people


Here are some listening activities from British Council Learn English:

A request from your boss

A voicemail message

Booking a table in a restaurant


Listen to some conversations on ELLLO and try the activities:

Worksheet for the listening activities

Meet the teachers

Likes and favourites

My weekend


My hometown



ESOL Nexus has some good activities to practise reading:

Going to the cinema

Reading a letter from the hospital

Joanna’s living room


Read these news articles from News in Levels and watch the videos:

Applause for Spanish workers

Car companies help

New York bans plastic bags



Practise using capital letters and full stops in this activity from English Courses.


ESOL Nexus has some activities to practise writing skills:

Writing a text message

Filling in forms

Writing an email to a new friend


Try these writing practice activities from British Council Learn English:

A message to say you’re late

A noticeboard message

A text message invitation



Practise your vocabulary with these activities from Headway:

Verbs 1

Verbs 2

The time


Here are some more activities from Games to Learn English:




Look at these games from Many Things:

Verbs 1

Verbs 2


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