Learn English at Home

Online courses for Level 1 learners


Future Learn provide a variety of flexible online courses to develop different skills. These courses are free to register:

IELTS speaking

IELTS listening

IELTS reading

IELTS writing

Exploring English language and culture

English pronunciation

Workplace English

English for study

Exploring English: Shakespeare


BBC Learning English has an online course with videos and quizzes designed to help you develop your practical English skills for living in the UK

There is a variety of online lessons from ESOL Courses designed to help you develop the English you need for looking for work.

Level 1 Topic Work


Try these activities from ESOL courses to practise different skills:

IELTS reading and writing: tourism in the UK

Martin Luther King Jr

Environmental issues- London air pollution


New Internationalist Easier English Wiki provides lots of reading activities on topical issues, with the opportunity to practise your grammar and vocabulary too:

Fight Amazon fires

Country profiles

Photo stories

Speaking and Listening


Here are some activities from Learn English Teens to develop your speaking:

An interview

Discussing exam results

Pros and cons of mobile phones

Who to invite

ESOL Nexus has various activities to help you understand spoken English:

Social class in Britain


For a fun listening activity, go to Lyrics Training– find your favourite song and type in the lyrics as you listen.



Learn English Teens has a variety of texts and activities to work on your reading skills:

Fear of missing out

Study problems

The world’s weirdest food


The British Council Learn English website has lots of reading activities to develop your vocabulary:

A plastic ocean

A short story extract

An email from a friend


Do you enjoy reading stories? Try reading short stories on the British Council’s Learn English website:

Choose a story 



Look at these activities from ESOL Nexus to expand your writing skills:

Writing a CV


Read this guide from Using English on how to write a formal letter.


Learn English Teens has various activities on different types of writing:

A blog

A for and against essay

A formal email

An informal email


Try these tasks from British Council Learn English on writing for different purposes:

A covering email


A letter of complaint



Watch these fun Grammar Gameshow videos from BBC Learn English:

Relative clauses

Past perfect



Try these activities from English File Online:

Narrative tenses

Zero and first conditional

Second and third conditional

Gerunds and infinitives

The passive

Headway also has many activities to practise grammar online:

Active and passive 1

Active and passive 2

Narrative tenses



You can find activities on British Council Learn English  to learn the meaning, pronunciation and spelling of new words:


Around town

Streets and roads


Body parts




Games to Learn English has different activities to practise your vocabulary:




Look at these resources from ESOL Courses to develop your vocabulary:

Vocabulary for talking about Covid-19

Job related vocabulary



Go to BBC Learning English website for their videos on a range of pronunciation features.



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