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Online courses for Level 2 learners


Future Learn provide a variety of flexible online courses to develop different skills. These courses are free to register:

IELTS speaking

IELTS listening

IELTS reading

IELTS writing

English for academic study

Exploring English language and culture

English pronunciation

Workplace English

English for study

Exploring English: Shakespeare


Have a look at this online course on BBC Learning English, Towards Advanced. It covers different elements of learning English, such as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.


Level 2 Topic Work


Learn about British life and culture from The British Council in a series of videos with activities  to develop your listening comprehension and vocabulary.

Countryside is great – part 1

Countryside is great – part 2

Creativity is great – part 1

Creativity is great – part 2


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Speaking and Listening


To boost your speaking skills, look at these activities from the British Council:

Pros and cons of mobile phones


British Council Learn English has a variety of activities to practise your listening skills on abstract topics and in unfamiliar situations:

A job interview

A project management meeting

An interview about two books


Randal’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab provides a wide range of listening activities with comprehension questions and further activities to develop your listening skills:

Housing complaints

Job interview

Budget planner

Another way to enhance your listening skills and engage with new ideas is TED Talks. It has thousands of videos of authentic expert speakers topics related to education, science, technology, business and creativity.

For a fun listening activity, go to Lyrics Training– find your favourite song and type in the lyrics as you listen.



To expand your reading skills, the British Council has some activities to practise reading long complex texts on a variety of topics.

Four book summaries

How humans evolved language

Life on Mars

Managing a problem

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The British Council provides various practise activities to develop your writing skills for different purposes:

A report on a research study

A response to a complaint

An opinion essay

There is also a section of their website on writing for college and university assignments.



For a clear explanation of different grammar points, look at the British Council’s grammar reference guide.


Englisch Hilfen provides exercises and tests on a wide range of grammar points.

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Scrabble board displaying various words spelled out



Shakespeare Speaks is a series from BBC Learning English, which looks at some of the vocabulary that William Shakespeare brought to the language.

Session 1: In a pickle

Session 3: As dead as a door nail

Session 4: I’ll send him packing


Games to Learn English has different activities to practise your vocabulary:





Go to BBC Learning English website for their videos on a range of pronunciation features.


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