Learn English at Home

Pre-Entry Topic Work


Here are some activities to practise your English on ESOL Nexus:

Daily routine

Family 1

Family 2

Talking about work

My first day at work

Reading job adverts

How we travel

Lost child

A hospital visit

Parts of the body


Watch these English My Way videos and answer the questions:





Post office


Pinboard with lots of coloured post-it notes attached
Learner studying with headphones on and sitting at a laptop

Speaking and listening


ESOL Nexus has some good activities to practise your speaking and listening:

Going to the marketĀ 



Here are some activities from ESOL Nexus:

Reading a text message

Learner reading from a laptop and taking notes in a notebook
Learner writing in a notebook



You can practise the alphabet with English Courses:

Missing letters

Upper case letters

Lower case letters


Here are some activities from ESOL Nexus:

Writing a text message



Scrabble board displaying various words spelled out



Games to Learn English has some activities:

Fast English

Fast vocabulary


Look at these activities from English Courses:

Computer words

Parts of a computer

Computer words- online wordsearch puzzle



You can practise your pronunciation with English Courses:

The English alphabet

Close up of a mouth
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