Get support in Manchester

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Digital support

Do you need help getting started with your smartphone or tablet? Visit our page to see different organisations in Manchester that can give you support.


Work and skills

There are many services and organisations  that can help you find work or improve your skills to get a better job.  They can also help you think about the steps you need to take to find your dream job. Visit this page to find out more information about services that are available.


Manchester libraries are now open for longer ours, however some services are still restricted. You can find the opening times of your local library here.

You can also join a library online.

If you visit their website, you can download many books and magazines to read at home.

Visit your local library, where you can find a range of facilities such as:

  • Books to borrow, including some in other languages
  • CDs and DVDs to borrow
  • Free wifi
  • Computer facilities
  • Printing and photocopying
  • Newspapers and magazines to read
  • Information about local services

Find your local library here

Activities in your local area 

Another way to develop your English skills is to participate in fun activities in your local community, such as cooking, dancing, and arts and crafts. Read our page to find out about some of the regular activities that take place in Manchester.

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Citizens Advice Service

Tel: 03444 111 222

This useful service is a charity that provides confidential advice for free. It can help you move forward if you have different kinds of problems, such as money, legal or family issues. 

You can call them on 03444 111 222 or visit them in one of the 13 sites across Manchester.

Click on the link below to find out more information, including the location and opening times of your nearest Citizens Advice.

Visit the Citizens Advice Manchester website

Children’s Services 

The Manchester City Council website provides lots of useful information on a wide range of services for children and their carers in Manchester. This includes information on schools, nurseries and activities at your local children’s centre.

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