Information for students wishing to join an ESOL course

Before you join an ESOL course

Learning a language is not easy and an ESOL course is a big challenge.  Your local ESOL coordinator works with different schools and colleges to find a class for you.

Here are some things to think about before you enrol.

1. Work. If you have a job, do you have time to come to class and do your homework.

2. Childcare.  Before you start a course, you will need to organise childcare. Timetables are decided by the school or college and your local coordinator cannot change them.

3. Attendance. Can you attend all your classes?  To get the most benefit from your class and improve your English, it is important to attend as many classes as possible.

4. Your level.  Before you start a class, your local ESOL team will assess your level to find the right class for you.  If your level is very strong, we might suggest you take a course other than ESOL.

Frequently asked questions


When will my course start?

All the ESOL services in Greater Manchester are very busy.  This means that you might have to wait a while before you can start.  We will try to find a course that suits your needs.

Do I have to pay?

Maybe.  Most ESOL courses are funded by the government, but some visa types are not permitted.  We will discuss this with you at your assessment.

Can I study with my friend or family member?

If you are the same level and are available at the same time, we can try to offer you the same course if you tell us before you start the course and there are spaces available on the same course.

Can I study near my home?

We will try to find a class near where you live, but this is not always possible due to the number of places available.

Can I miss classes to collect my children from school?

If you miss a lot of classes, you might lose your place on the course.  Think about this before you start.

Can I change my timetable?

Class times are set by the schools and colleges so the ESOL Advice Service can’t change them.  You will need to speak to your teacher.

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